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Tips for marriage decision

Every decision in your life is made with thoughtful care and considerations and marriage is no exception. Marriage is one of the most important decisions of your life and it should not be made hastily. Here are some tips on making. marriage decisions.
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The most important decision

Most couples make their marriage decisions based n the following priorities

  • Where you would live after getting married
  • How many issues do you plan to have
  • Whether both of you would work or not
  • How will you spend and save money
  • Who will do the household chores
  • Emergency decisions
  • Where you would travel to for honeymoon
  • Future plans

These are some of the primary points that both couples need to consider before marriage.

Sharing responsibility while making a decision

It is important for both couples to share equal responsibility while making a decision as this signifies that both couples are equal when it comes to making a decision, they are bonded by love and trust, they know each other’s flaws and can cover up the same and they respect each other’s decision. Thus while taking a decision be it marriage or something else, it is encouraged that both the couples take equal decisions after much discussion after and before getting married.