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Unusual Wedding Ideas

Would you like to plan your wedding in an unconventional and unique way? Here are some great unconventional tips and ideas for your wedding that you would love to read about. This would be the wedding that nobody would forget.

Bring all your guests closer

Change the seating style and transform the long seating rows and set the chairs in a circular pattern around you. This will not only help you to be visible to all the guests but would also make the guests feel more comfortable and intimate and a part of the ceremony as well. This can be down in small weddings as well as bigger ones. This will also help in getting the wedding photos well clicked. Guests would also feel more intimate if an original RSVP card is given to each guest with their suggestion and feedback.
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A ring bearer who is a high security agent

Choose a small boy or girl as the ring bearer who would be disguised as a spy kid and detective. This idea is not only innovative but unique as well. He would be in charge of the ring till the ring is conferred to the wearer. These are some of the most unique wedding ideas that you would love.