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Wedding Preparation List

Your wedding is just 8-9 months down the line and there are a lot of preparations that you need to consider before you actually finalize for the wed day. Here are some of the most important wedding preparation lists that you need to consider for your wedding.
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Planning your wedding from before hand

The first and foremost thing that you need to plan on before getting married is creating a wedding folder or a wedding binder. Browse through various books based on wedding fashions, lifestyles, fashion, gardening, and food magazines for ideas and inspirations. You also need to work according to your budget based on your contribution and your affordability before getting married. Plan your wedding costs and the amount you would need to shell out for your wedding planner costs as well.

Making the guest list

Start making the guest list and you would slowly see that a number of heads are slowly being added or deducted till the last day. Hire a wedding planner if you have to and he would take care of the whole event. Reserve your venue and your date from before and also inform the caterers, photographers, videographers, band and florists.