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What you need to look out for in wedding preparations

Your wedding is round the corner and you are all set to getting married. However there are some last moment preparations that you need to follow before getting married. Here is what you need to look into.

Setting a timetable

After you actually get engaged, you need to set up a wedding date. This would have to be planned in sync with the booking of wedding venues, wedding caterers and decorations, wedding costs and many more factors. Also consider the date and time of wedding, the season, the number of heads who would be present in the wedding, and the holiday lists around the time to plan for your honeymoon. Also consider whether you would have a small wedding or a large one.

Last moment preparations

Always look into the last moment preparations because you may tend to forget a lot of things just at the right moment. Make a guest list and give a last minute call to the caterers, the flower decorators and the event managers, and the stylist. Remind them that they are all due on the required date. These are the things you need to look into while planning your wedding preparations.